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1. Purpose

This Delisting Policy ("Policy") outlines the criteria and procedures for the removal and delisting of cryptocurrency assets ("Assets") from [] ("Exchange"). The purpose of this Policy is to ensure transparency, fairness, and compliance in the delisting process.

2. Criteria for Delisting

Assets may be considered for delisting from the Exchange based on the following criteria:

a) Lack of Trading Activity: Assets that show consistently low trading volumes over a specified period.

b) Security Concerns: Assets associated with security vulnerabilities, exploits, or breaches.

c) Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Assets that fail to comply with applicable laws, regulations, or licensing requirements.

d) Project Abandonment: Assets where the development team has ceased active development and support.

e) Market Integrity: Assets involved in fraudulent or manipulative activities.

f) Poor Reputation: Assets with a poor reputation due to unethical behavior or misconduct.

g) Technological Obsolescence: Assets using outdated or insecure technology.

3. Delisting Process

a) Evaluation: The Exchange will periodically review the listed Assets to assess their compliance with the criteria mentioned above.

b) Notification: If an Asset is identified for potential delisting, its development team will be notified and given a reasonable period to address the concerns.

c) Public Announcement: The Exchange will publicly announce the intention to delist an Asset, providing reasons and the proposed delisting date.

d) Withdrawal Period: Traders will have a specified period to withdraw the delisted Asset from the Exchange.

e) Delisting: Once the withdrawal period expires, the Asset will be delisted from the Exchange's trading platform.

4. Communication

The Exchange will maintain open communication with project teams and traders throughout the delisting process, providing updates and relevant information as required.

5. Reconsideration

Asset developers may request a reconsideration of delisting by submitting a formal request, addressing the concerns outlined in the delisting notification. The Exchange will review the request and make a decision based on the merits of the case.

6. Amendments

This Policy may be amended by the Exchange at any time, with changes being publicly announced.

By accessing and using [], users acknowledge their understanding and agreement with this Delisting Policy.

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